The simple way to review, choose, order, track and pay for service station/convenience store maintenance, all while improving your bottom line.

A Proactive Approach To Maintenance

API eMaintenance was originally developed for BP in the UK in 2004. It was designed to be a transparent system to log and track all maintenance activity on sites across the BP network. Today, it is a system with many modules used across the globe that manages all areas of maintenance: asset management, contractor performance, cost, incident tracking, training and compliance.

API eMaintenance can help manage maintenance and compliance through the use of technology that enables the sharing of information with everyone who owns, maintains or regulates assets in the petroleum industry.

API eMaintenance:

  • Provides real-time tracking and visibility of maintenance tickets so that no problem gets overlooked.
  • Lets you set up preventative maintenance schedules to make sure your equipment is properly maintained.
  • Warns contractors of potential safety hazards when they arrive on site, such as the presence of another contractor.
  • Lets you know when contractors are on site and carrying out unannounced safety audits.
  • Identifies problem equipment by analysing breakdown frequency.
  • Ensures your statutory inspections are kept up to date using compliance management tools.
  • Ensures that incidents are correctly reported when they do happen.

With API eMaintenance You Can:

+View and track all of your tickets online
Let your sites and contractors take control by giving them access to the information that is relevant to them. With your own dedicated web portal, your sites can place a new ticket, check the status of any ticket and submit feedback for the contractor. Calls are automatically routed by the system to the correct contractor, reducing the need for third-party help desks.
+Get up-to-the-minute status on all of your maintenance issues
Contractors can choose to receive ticket requests and updates by email, fax or text message, whichever is most convenient for them. They can also manage their tickets via their dedicated web portal and update the status of a ticket in real time using the automated phone system when they arrive on site or when they complete a job.
+Create and schedule a proactive maintenance and compliance plan
A preventative maintenance module gives you the ability to create scheduled jobs that recur over set periods, helping you to manage any routine maintenance or regulatory activities.
+Quickly identify problem equipment in need of replacement
To facilitate purchasing decisions EFH (Equipment Failure Hours) and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) reporting gives you instant access to detailed information about which of your assets are breaking down most often and how long they remain out of service.
+See The Big Picture on your safety and compliance levels
A suite of management reporting tools allows your head office to oversee the process, ensure that health and safety guidelines are being adhered to, and check whether contractors are meeting their service level agreements.